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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 24041420


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Creative Concept is a fashion agency that specializes in different branches of the fashion industry. We specialize in backstage styling, set dressing, putting together different photo and film shoots, designing clothing and executing ideas that contain art-visuals and design.

 Meet the team

David Josias Toko
Art director and Set dresser

David is a chaotic thinker, but this does not effect his performance at all. He has found a way to turn his creative mind into a masterpiece of work.

Navarone Cole
Assistant Styling and Graphic Designer

Navarone is a quiet guy, but with big ideas. He is definitely not afraid to chase after what he wants and doesn’t stop untill he achieves his goal.

Mike Watson
Financial Manager

Mikey is confident about what he wants and does not deviate from his path. He has a lot of knowledge and likes to share this with the people around him.

Sven Watson

Sven is a tactical worker and he’s a perfectionist. He’s dedicated and surrenders himself fully while working. He knows when to follow his intuition and when he needs to put his mind over matter.

Jademire Kartopawiro
Assistant Set Dresser and Chief of Content

Jademire likes to see which way the wind blows. He’s very concerned about details and doesn’t like to rush into a decision. He’s modest, but his actions speak louder than his words and that is what counts.